Sunday, February 17, 2013

Backyard Races Revealed

In a grand cover-up conspiracy, the annual blog coverage of the season ending backyard race was not covered by this blog until now.

In an attempt to keep the shame of mt. bikers to a minimum, a "sweep it under the carpet" style protocol was enacted to hide the truth of self-proclaimed roadie "Dirk Hollebeast" unilaterally winning the backyard races admist a slew of self-proclaimed fat tire specialists.

Granted the Hollebeast was also the host and course designer for this (last) year's event, but let the record show that no pavement was included in the track.  Disgraced racer Peter Tempest claims Chuck Van Drunen ran him off the course on the final race, but also offers no excuse for his initial loss to the Hollebeast in the inceptual round.

In a large victory for the darkside one can only ask where the likes of former champion Andy Bobcat Stravers  was on this day????

We here at the blog have finally come clean; we apologize for this late inconvenience.