Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 US Pro Cycling Challenge



 By Bob

            The best pros in the world were back in Colorado this year and this time they were even closer to home when Stage One started in Durango and ended in Telluride.  A report: 

1.     MORE DRAMA THAN A DAYTIME SOAP.  Before we turn to Colorado we have some breaking news closer to home.  A couple of months ago Lloyd Ellis (more on this guy real soon) came up with the McGaffey Challenge.  I can hear the groans.  I know.  Nobody cares about the McGaffey Challenge but Dirk Hollebeek and Chuck Van Drunen.  I know. The McGaffey Challenge has created more drama than a daytime soap.  I know.  Before this is over it’s going to make the Hatfields and the McCoys look like kissing cousins.  But anyway, here is the latest news.  Chuck went out solo (yeah, solo) on a calm morning earlier this week and took 18 seconds out of Dirk’s standing record.  Rumor has it that all this drama is making Bob reconsider his normal brackets for the back yard pursuit races this year.  Each year, like clockwork, Bob announces the first round matchup of “Chuck versus Dirk”.   We have an inside source who tells us that Bob is really going to shake things up and instead of “Chuck versus Dirk” this year, the first round matchup with be “Dirk versus Chuck”. 

2.     THREE DAYS-THREE BIG RIDES.  Last Saturday, Peter Tempest raced in a 60 mile race in Durango to help ride in a new trail system.  After 50 miles the race was called after a downpour left the course super slick.  Only 10 miles away Bob Rosebrough was bone dry on the southern end of the Colorado Trail on an exploratory ride from the Junction Creek trail head.  On Sunday, Bob and Peter rode a route from Molas Pass to Cascade Creek that starts with a 10 mile section of trail above timberline that climbs to over 12,000 feet in elevation.  Bob had originally planned a ride that came out at Coal Bank Pass but they changed their plans at the suggestion of Lloyd (yep, him again) who suggested a “sweet ride” down Engine Creek to Cascade Creek. On Monday, Peter took Bob on a big loop that starts with the newly designed Prospect Trail at Telluride and drops down in the Illium Valley before climbing back up to Society Turn. 

3.     LLOYD MAKES THE BLOG.  Rez dogs we need to have a talk about this Lloyd Ellis guy.  You know the guy.  The really nice guy with the gentlemanly southern accent and manners.  Here is what I want to know.  Why is such a nice guy so intent on inflicting such pain on his fellow dogs?  We all know that Lloyd’s McGaffey Challenge has caused immeasurable emotional pain and physical suffering.  Half way down Lloyd’s Engine Creek route, Peter said to Bob, “I think you need to say something about Lloyd and this route.  This makes the descent to Grasshopper from Lost Lake Rim look like a piece of cake and I caught all kinds of grief for that one.”  Bob slowly getting up from his second-slow-motion-6’7”-235 pounds-over-the-bars fall said, “Don’t worry.  Lloyd has definitely made the blog!”  Simply put, Lloyd’s “sweet” route is one of the most epic descents in Colorado with big drops, big rocks, deadfall trees and major exposure.  It took Peter and Bob 5 full hours to finish a 20 mile route.  Or if you do the math: 4 mph!! 

4.     THE SCENE IN TELLURIDE.  The finish of Stage One in Telluride was pretty cool.  A big break had a gap of 1:30 at the base of the Lizard Head climb.  After Lizard Head the break was reduced to four including Danielson, Stetina, Nibali and Beltran.  After the Alta Lakes climb Danielson and Stetina (both from Garmin) were alone with a 30 second lead, but they got swallowed up between Society Turn and downtown Telluride.  Tyler Farrar (also from Garmin) took the sprint.  The intimacy of downtown Telluride made the finish and post finish festivities special.  Peter was talking to Frankie Andreau and shaking hands with Bob Roll.  After the finish, all the big riders were just within feet of the crowd.  

CONCLUDING QUESTION.  Brace yourself.  There’s a pretty wild rumor floating around out there.  Is it true that the Bread Springs sheep – after reading the Crested Butte blog about the hot blonde in the Ferrari threatening to sue Peter – is now shopping around for a lawyer?  

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