Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moabites and other pagans

Kevin and I went to Moab. If it was not 2am by the time we arrived; I would have dusted my sandals off and continued to Fruita.  In apparently typical May form, Moab was overrun with disease...Texans, Tourists, Truckers, Jeepers, Creepers, and New Age Seekers.  All we desired was a place to lay or weary heads and drink a beverage in peace.  After searching...we finally opted for cow pie ridden shoulder/ditch 15 miles in on the Lasal loop.

We awoke to some jackass honking his horn at us...sending my heartrate from 60 to 160 instantly.
We waited in line at the Jailhouse Cafe for 30 min to get an overpriced breakfast, whereafter we parked our car in the slickrock parking lot in the very last remaining available spot.

We climbed 10 miles and 3000ft to the top of LPS Porcupine Rim...and had an extremely excellent ride on a most awesome trail.  Kevin's Diplomat was making sweet work of the banging while my racing rig felt like I was shooting a 50 cal gun all day. But it was good.

We camped 25 miles out in the lasal loop again...but not in the ditch.
Rode Slickrock in the morning.  Nice.

Ate burgers at Milt's drive in...a highly recommended place right near the turn for slickrock.

Proceeded to meet Paul at Phil's World.  Kevin was so impressed with Phil's world he figured it would be difficult to enjoy the HDT in the same way again...."kinda like going back to kissing your sister vs having a real girlfriend" (I didn't quite relate to Kevin here, maybe a cultural Iowa thing?...but I'm taking his word for it).

Then we ate dairy queen and came home.

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