Monday, May 2, 2011

La Tierra Torture 2011

Bobcat for the win!

here's a little tiny bit about the race(s) we just did. the yeti and the bobcat raced the short track on saturday afternoon. saturday the weather was pretty good- sunny and cool. we got in a pretty good warm up. we ate some blue sharks and looked around for the start line of the short track. holly, jenny, maggi and zach strategically placed themselves at the top of the climb to cheer the Rez Dogs on. the short track was, according to one race volunteer, "between 1.5 and 2 miles"...
hmm, ok, thanks. that's pretty helpful but not really.
anyway it was a 4 lap race and finally after 3 laps the bobcat reeled the yeti in and planned to ride his wheel up the last climb to the finish. the yeti signaled the bobcat to pass with only a few hundred yards to go. the bobcat urged the yeti on to continue the grueling pace and finish. the yeti insisted that the bobcat pass so the bobcat obliged and crested the hill to roll past the line in 1st place with the yeti only seconds behind in 2nd. a pretty good race and pretty fun. not to mention the pretty ladies and children cheering us (the bobcat and the yeti) (the Rez Dogs) on.
sunday's race took place on a pretty cold and pretty windy morning. pretty cloudy too. it was a good race. 3 laps at "between 9 and 10 miles each". the bobcat paced himself. rode lap 1 pretty conservatively. rode lap 2 pretty hard and then rode lap 3 pretty tired. but pretty happy to be finished. the yeti rode the 3 laps pretty consistently. then we ate pizza.

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