Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Rez Dog Racing Season Results!!

Taking the cake for most successful season, Bob Rosebrough with a podium spot in all but one race this season!
Nipping at his heals, Chuck Van Drunen and Nightguy come through with the most races for the season at 12! (with some impressive results as well)
Setting the stage (pun intended) for the Rez Dog multi-state road racing scene, is Dirk Hollebeek with road races in Arizona, Michigan, and California!
As always, the infamous Rez Dog founder Peter Tempest (surgeon at large), ups the ante by taking Rez Dog's national by competing at the US Marathon National Championships!
Bobcat came out of retirement this season to nestled his way back into the pack with solid results in all of his races.
Joining the ranks this year was Paul Barry, rocking his Tomac in both XC and Endurance races, and chopping at the bit to wreak some havoc next year!
Sure to get his money's worth out of his new Diplomat, new daddy, Kevin Zwiers, rocked the 24ITEF and had a strong last minute showing at the Screamer.
Chad, The Ghost, Meekof while light on the racing calendar, pretty much proceeded to crush his way into the top podium spot of all bike related events he entered...no doubt he'll be out for blood at Bob's pursuits.
I (Greg) had a strong early season start with D2D, 24ITEF and Socorro only to go off the racing grid for months after my son was born. In a brief state of delirium I made an appearance at the Sandia peak challenge, only to find myself sitting on the side of the trail...(more on that if you ask the right person)



D2D (Gallup Cup)
La Tierra SXC (2nd Cat 1 30-39)
La Tierra XC
Pajarito Punishment
Frasier Mt. Madness XC (2nd Cat 1 30-39)
Frazier Mt. Madness Hill Climb
24 hrs. Enchanted Forest= (1st Duo Male)
Sandia Peak (2nd Cat 1 30-39)
Oak Flats
12 hrs Mesa Verde
Valley of the Sun Stage


Valley of the Sun Stage
Grattan Race Series (x2)
Albuquerque MTB race
Diablo Hill Climb


D2D (Gallup Cup)
Tierra Torture SXC (1st Cat 1 30-39)
Tierra Torture XC (3rd Cat 1 30-39)
Pajarito Punishment


 D2D (2nd Solo 50+)
Socorro Hill Climb (3rd Cat 2 50+)
Socorro XC (3rd Cat 2 50+)
24hrs. (1st Duo Male w/CVD)
Silver Rush 50
Screamer (2nd Cat 2 50+)
Road Apple (3rd Cat 2 55+)


 -24hrs. (1st Co-Ed)

Frazier Mt. Madness Hill Climb (1st Cat 2 20-29)
12 Hours of Mesa Verde 
Screamer (1st Cat 2 20-29)
Gallup Triathalon (1st)


Frazier Mt. Madness XC
Frazier Mt. Maddness Hill Climb (3rd Cat 1 40-49)
Sandia Peak
US Cycling National Marathon Championships
Silver Rush


24 hrs Enchanted Forest (1st Co-ed Team of 4)
Frazier Mt. Madness XC
Frazier Mt. Madness Hill Climb


-Socorro (3rd Cat 2)
-24 Hrs in the Enchanted Forest (1st Co-ed Team of 4)
-Sandia Peak Challenge

Team Totals:
Races participated- 48!
Podium finishes- 21! (almost 50%)

We'd like to thank all of our sponsors and family for their support of Rez Dog Racing and many thanks for a super successful season!

2011 Sponsors:
Gallup Journey Magazine 
Fratelli's Bistro
Bob Rosebrough Law Firm
Tomac Bikes
Gallup Bicycle District
Big Mike's/Four Corners Welding
Zia Rides
Rico Auto Complex
Pinnacle Bank
Brian Leddy Photography
Gallup Trails 2010 



  1. This is great! Nice work Greg.

  2. Great work on the blog, Greg! Needs some female representation :)