Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It is now official!!  As Rez Dogs we have long known about Chuck Van Drunen’s dual personalities:  Night Guy and Morning Guy.  Night Guy is, of course, the guy who stayed up late the night before Dawn til Dusk pounding down beer while Paul built out his bike and then in Crested Butte lead the late night escapades that almost landed everyone in jail.  Night Guy is the guy who makes the promises - writes the checks - that Morning guy has to cash.
Well . . . the 2011 New Mexico Off Road Series final results are now in and they officially recognize Chuck’s dual personalities.  In the NMORS final standings for Cat 1 30+ Chuck is listed in 8th place with 62 points AND in 22nd place with 22 points.  No joke!  To check it out go to and click on Results, then NMORS 2011 and then M Cat 1, 30-39. 
The NMORS final standings do not say which of the two Chucks was in 8th place and which one was in 22nd place but we all know – without a doubt - that it is Morning Guy who finished in 8th.   He’s the guy, after all, who cashes the checks.  The only real surprise is that Night Guy broke into the standings at all.  

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