Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amortization & Conglomeration Rumor?!

After recent inflammatory remarks were pontificated in the ongoing legal drama concerning eligibility of those hoping to compete for the Gallup Cup, a new twist in the competitive scene may have developed.

Incited and enraged by inferences that the current Gallup Cup Champions were without serious competition this year, strong-legged Gallupians have come together in opposition.  It is a well-documented fact that the Gallup Cup will go to Gallup's fastest team regardless if that team is either a duo, three-man, four-man, or seven man.

In honoring these parameters, it appears that a four to six man posse is being assembled with the express purpose to destroy the 2011 Gallup Cup Champions (Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen) and their incessant referencing of themselves as the 2011 Gallup Cup Champions (Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen).

Not the least of their transgressions, the 2011 Gallup Cup Champions (Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen), having forced Chad "The Ghost" Meekoff to drink pints of Guiness from the actual Gallup Cup and posting pictures of such on this blog.

Initial reports suggest the duo combinations of Allen/Dirk & Chad/Greg are conglomerating with possible additions of Paul "King Air" Berry and Kevin "Chicken Killer" Zwiers...all joining forces to form a Miami Heat-esque super team that hopes to dish out unrelenting fresh pain, lap after lap, not only on the 2011 Gallup Cup Champions (Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen), but also upon the possible sandbag specialist team of Peter Tempest & Haji Corona (contract pending??).

Organizational structure and team management, however, may prohibit such a well as a strong fear of loud, tedious whining from 2011 Gallup Cup Champions (Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen), and at this point all team options are still speculative.


  1. 12 HOURS of racing/6 guys on a team=2 laps per guy (if you can do it in under an hour. who has done it? anyone? anyone?)
    $70 to register/2 laps per guy= $35 per lap

    i did the math so you don't have to.
    think about it.


  2. Both Peter and Ben F. have run sub 1 hr laps at D2D...

  3. Neither Peter nor Ben is part of the 6 man witch hunt.

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