Monday, February 20, 2012

Legal Eagle

After consultation with legal professional Robert Rosebrough, it was obvious that if Peter Tempest raced with former Gallupian Haji Corona as a duo in the Dawn 2 Dusk 12 hour race...that they would NOT be eligible to compete for the Gallup Cup (the most venerated prize of the entire event).

This has caused great distress to reigning Gallup Cup Champions, Andy Stravers & Chuck Van Drunen, because this year's race was shaping up to be a veritable "cakewalk."  With Peter Tempest attempting a cowardly escape by registering solo, the Champions were unfortunately looking at a nearly guaranteed pattycake victory.

Yet in true form to their championship nature the Champions are currently working on legal documentation that would allow former Gallupian, Haji Corona, to compete with Dr. Tempest for the ultimate prize.  In the words of Andy Stravers, "I'd rather battle loaded sandbaggers and lose than take a comfortable empty victory."  Likewise, Chuck Van Drunen, simply states, " We will win regardless..."

The final legal documentation should be ready this week, when all parties sign off.  Initial reports say there is a binder clause to be added that would require Dr. Tempest to loan a carbon fiber bike to A. Stravers for the event.

Notes:  Haji Corona was the Cat 1 2011 Screamer champion, and recently finished 7th at the Quad.  Peter Tempest is well know for putting the hammer down on livestock.  Andy Stravers recently took 6th place @ the Moab Red Hot 33k Trail Run.  Chuck Van Drunen was reached via satellite phone for comment, and was last seen riding a snowmobile in the Chuska Mts., supposedly in search of his amish/yeti ancestors.

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