Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 La Tierra Torture: jocking with pros, taking podiums and unleashing a new dog!

A random comment by an unknown racer summed up the La Tierra Torture Omnium for our local Rez Dogs:
"Man, Gallup really represented!"
And that's just it. With all racers taking podium spots, the Rez Dogs (and their attractive kits) were en fuego.

First, a new dog on the prowl.

Holly Herr, convinced by some nameless, but well intentioned members of the team, makes a last minute decision to abandon her plans of riding the beginner races and immediately jumps into Cat 2 for her first race! In spite of some pre-race jitters, Holly preceded to lay down some strong laps both in the short track race on Saturday and on Sunday's XC main event. Holly took first place in the STXC and 2nd place in the XC to combine for 1st place in the omnium!

Second, jockeying with pros.

 In an effort to prove to his fellow Rez Dogs that he is a new man, and night guy has been suppressed, CVD showed up for both races on time, in good spirits and generally prepared... (if you have to read that sentence again, I understand) After the short Dawn-to-Brunch battle with Peter and his ringer, the flying-Mexican-Hadji Corona, CVD proceeded to chase down Hadji in the STXC and attempted to out sprint him for the finish! According to CVD had their been one more lap or the sprint a bit longer "I would have had him!" Based on my observation from the finish line...I agree. In the end, CVD ended up 1st in his age group, 4th overall and only 1 second behind Hadji, a registered pro. (and Santa Fe resident I might add). The XC race on Sunday proved just as successful for Chuck. In a sign of things to come, he was up and at em' at the Flying Star coffee shop early in the AM, looking put together and intentional. Sure enough, in spite of Andy and CVD's inability to score good starting positions at the start line, CVD (and Bobcat... more on that in a minute) put down the power to be the 3rd Cat 1 racer across the finish line and 1st in his age group! Is this a sign of Chuck's plans to turn pro by the end of the year?

 Third, a Bobcat bites!

With the Gallup Cup firmly in their possession, (did I mention that Andy and Chuck were the Gallup Cup Champions in both 2011 and 2012?) Andy rode with the strength and experience of a true Expert mountain biker. Nipping at the heels of his teammate/soulmate in the STXC, Andy easily rode to 2nd place in the 30-39 Cat 1 less than a minute behind Chuck. Hot off a night of bliss the night before (check with Andy for details)Andy kept up the pressure on Sunday against the Expert 30-39 year olds in the XC. Andy rode strong and passed some important competitors ending up in 3rd in the XC for his age group and the 7th rider across the finish line overall! Combined he took 2nd in the Omnium, solidifying Rez Dog Racing's dominance in Cat. 1.

Finally, the Bass Commander (a.k.a Greg Cavanaugh) was working his mojo in the Cat 2 field.

After being stuck behind a rider on a cyclocross bike for lap 1 of the STXC he moved from 12 position up to 6th for lap 2. After 3 more laps he managed to pick off a couple more riders to be 3rd across the line and 2nd in his age group. On Sunday, Greg had a good start and was able to move to the front of the field right away. He entered the main single track in 4th place overall, moved into 3rd briefly and then ended up 4th across the finish overall and 3rd in his age group. Combined Greg scored a 2nd place in Cat 2 30-39 for the omnium.

How can a performance like this be topped? Can we possibly get more strong riders together for one mega Rez Dog Domination? Can the Rez Dog women's team pull together and build on the strength and success of Holly's 1st performance? Will Greg ever move up to Cat. 1 and chase his teammates down? Will Chuck drop Rez Dog when he turns pro? Perhaps Scotty can get him on BMC, or Garmin-Slipstream? As Holly heads for the African plains and CVD dabbles in the road have we already reached our summit and started our decline?

Stay tuned...


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