Thursday, April 19, 2012


After a blog post blitz to tie up the server a group of Rez Dogs secretly met to address their greatest fear: Now that Chuck Van Drunen & Andy Stravers (2011 Gallup Cup Champions) are also the 2012 Gallup Cup Champions... should the blog site be permanently shut down in order to save the rest of the team from enduring another 12 months of their mind-blowing obnoxious (albeit brilliant) posts?

Peter: I've already had to burn over a 100 pre-printed "Gallup Cup" shirts & hats in my fire pit, I don't know if my soul can handle another year of blog posts...I say we pull the plug on it.

Dirk: It's just not right. No one should be allowed to talk that much crap and actually back it up. I say we keep the blog alive and just give those two a good ole fashioned fist pounding and then we'll blog about that.

Paul: Yeah mate! Those two will be cheesing each other's knobs for the next few days so we better hurry, cause if they find out about it they'll get on their bikes and then no one will be able to catch them.

Bob: Gentleman, Gentleman, I think I may have a solution. I've found a 1928 state statute concerning ranchers' branding each other's buttocks. I think we may be able to leverage the law here to get a gag order put on them concerning the blog.

Peter: That could be stuck in court for weeks...the blog will be lit up like Chuck's Crossmax's by then.

Chad: Yeah...yeah man... we gotta hurry....they're gonna...they're gonna.... make me drink outta that cup again...i just know it (starts to cry).

Alan: Well, I made a call into Scottie, he's gonna set The Director up with Johan Bruneel.

Dirk: How will sportief director Greg (may he live forever) meeting with Bruneel help us?

Alan: Well if Bruneel could get through a tour de france with Contador & Armstrong on the same team I figure he can help the director figure out what to do with the blog...?

Bob: Well done Alan.

Peter: This seems reasonable.

Paul: So all our hope is on The Wanker...i mean The Director???

Chad,Dirk,Alan: So be it.

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  1. I vote we move the blog's server to India and outsource the tech support. That way every time there is a blog post about the 'burrito supreme' champs a guy will call up with a heavy Indian accent and fuss at those silly wankers.
    Maybe the guys at the gas station Indian restaurant can hook us up?