Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The current legal situation has effectively gridlocked the Gallup Cup eligibility status for Peter Tempest & Hadji Corona. No contract has been agreed upon yet as the impending race deadline looms closer. The contract drawn up by the Rosebrough Law Firm was obviously biased and even degrading against the current Gallup Cup Champions, Chuck Van Drunen & Andy Stravers. Suspicions were confirmed when Peter Tempest sheepishly admitted to having retained Rosebrough "as legal counsel" in an apparent effort to maximize contract leverage. Meanwhile the illustrious Gallup Cup Champions were simply assuming a neutral and objective 3rd party, such as Rosebrough, would draw up a fair contract. Little did they know that Rosebrough was already in the Tempest jersey pocket at this point.

To make matters worse Peter's mutt tactics have spread to other Rez Dog members with the addition of two more half-breed teams. Dirk Hollebeast has mated with Theron Halfway, while Allan Excalibur philips is in heat with Scott NyDaMan. To make matters more complex, Theron and Scott, like Hadji, were both Gallup residents at one point in time.

This highly charged turn of events is clearly leading to a class action legal battle. Andy Stravers and Chuck Van Drunen (Current supreme owners of the Gallup Cup) have decided that legal costs in a class action suit would be prohibitive and they will simply let nature run it's course. This will ultimately bring D2D director Lindsay Mapes to make a final decision on which unholy unions are fit to be legally recognized in their quest for equal rights to the Gallup Cup.


  1. "current supreme owners of the Gallup cup" you mean like a burrito supreme from Taco Bell?
    So you guys are mushy and flavorless on the inside and then fart afterwards?

  2. Yes...exactly... we mush the flavorless competition and fart them out afterwards. Very accurate.

  3. I have it on good authority that CVD is not a legit Gallup resident, but an old school Mormon polygamist from Colorado City, Arizona who is in Gallup hiding from the FBI.

  4. No legal recourse necessary. The first team across the line at the end of the day with a Rez Dog/local jersey on wins...

    -Team President.